Wheat and Chaff


We all have that friend who is enticed by the "get rich quick" schemes. The promise of little work, huge reward. It's easy to roll your eyes as the friend wildly explains how they will own a yacht by summer. But the truth is, we all have that inclination to some degree.

The saying "if it's too good to be true..." rings in our head, and usually our reasoning prevents us from investing our life savings in a pyramid scheme, but deep down we want the scheme to be true. We wish it were that easy to reach "the good life." We may even become so jaded that we shrug off any and all opportunities that come our way.

The key is balance. Yes, there are foolhardy opportunities everywhere and you would be wise to avoid them, but sometimes an opportunity presents itself that may actually be of value. Maybe it's the chance to learn a new skill, a free online course, meeting someone new; sometimes these can lead to important growth. Something that launches you into the next phase of your career. Just be sure to practice discernment, and never let excitement get in the way of reason.

Stephen Roblessift