When I Grow Up


Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? In those early years of childhood, when any occupation seemed within grasp, what did you want to be?  For me, it was a scientist. I had a small chemistry set in elementary school and loved to show it off. I knew one day I would be a scientist. 

Today, I am not a scientist, and that's okay. I found other interests to pursue and have a satisfying career. But for some, the future hasn't turned out the way they hoped. Children don't imagine serving others food when they grow up, or taking out another's garbage. After we enter adulthood, many dreams lie abandoned and dead.

So for those who have lost their dreams, show them kindness and compassion. Extend patience, and remember to empathize. For children still dreaming of the future, encourage them to work hard. Pursue those dreams, and never tell them they can't.

Stephen Roblesdreams