When To Forgive, When To Forget


Sometimes forgiving is easy. My son forgets to feed the dog, he corrects it, and there's forgiveness. Easy enough. But depending on the severity of a wrong, it may take days, or even years until you can truly forgive your offender. The sooner the better though, for your sake.

But after forgiveness comes the rebuilding of trust. Let's say you made a copy of your house key and gave it to a friend out of trust. You find they stole something from your house, they return it, repent, and you forgive. So when do you trust them again with a key? I doubt you would feel comfortable making a new copy the next day. How long must they prove themselves to earn your trust?

Typically I try to offer wisdom on this blog, but today I have to leave it at a question. I don't know when an offender should be trusted again. Surely it's different for every situation, and perhaps you aren't required to ever have that same level of trust again. But maybe you should.

Stephen Roblesforgiveness