When Your Best Work is Kept Secret


Unless you're famous, or hold an executive role in a company, there's probably a lot of work you perform that is never publicly recognized as yours. Maybe your byline is on some popular article, or that website you made has "Designed by..." in the footer, but there's probably a lot of great work you've accomplished that is unknown to most people.

Adam Lisagor is a well known video producer and has worked with companies like ebay, Yahoo, and many more. In 2009 he had a theory on how the iPhone 3GS took such great pictures. Almost six years later, he finally spoke with the Apple engineer who is on the patent for this mysterious feature.

I won't bore you with the details, but definitely read this article describing his theory (now proven true). The bottom line is this: the iPhone had a feature, developed by a nameless engineer and not even mentioned by Apple, that helped people take great photos. The camera on iPhones have always been one of the biggest selling features, and one of its most amazing achievements was kept a secret.

Who knows why Apple never mentioned it. Maybe if people knew their cameras were taking a photo a second before the shutter button was actually pressed it would do more damage than good. But Apple managed to take their knowledge of how people used their phone cameras and with the brilliant work of John Doe, built something amazing without telling anyone.

Sometimes your best work may be unknown to everyone else. The hours you put into learning code, practicing an instrument in the dead of night; you're the only person who knows the time spent. But remember, even if you personally are not recognized for an achievement, that website, the orchestral performance, your work is worth it. 

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