Who Are You Trying to Reach?


It seems like services that once promised to unite and connect us with people around the globe, like Facebook, have become sounding boards for the most heated topics (and cat videos). Outlandish posts, quotes, and hysteria induced headlines are shared every day surrounding the hot-button topic of the moment.

The question is, if and when you post such things, who are you hoping to reach? Heated posts are by nature divisive, with little to no effort of encouraging a productive or even civil conversation between opposing parties. So is your goal to rally the troops that agree with you and shout louder than the other side? If your goal is to sway the opinion of opposing forces, what I see shared will only widen the gap.

Before you share, post, or even like something schismatic, ask yourself: What is my motivation for doing this? Are you contributing to hysteria and confusion, or are you genuinely working towards amicable conversation, where truth can be discovered and accepted willingly?

Stephen Roblesreach