Why Do You Create?


In the early stages of our working lives, chances are we don't get paid for the things we're passionate about. If it works out that way, great. But even when we actually have a job in the field we are passionate about, there's a chance that field will fall out of favor over time.

Any passion, be it music, art, writing, etc., feels different when we depend on it for our income. Passion seems to fall away and drudgery begins to creep in. But the paradox is, in order to devote the most time to our passion, it must become a full-time job. How do you reconcile that?

Seth Godin posted a thought-provoking piece on our motivation for creating. Do you produce the work you're passionate about so someone will "like" or "share" it? Do you dumb down your creation so it can be link-bait or have a catchy headline? It may be difficult to pursue you passion on the side, but is it worth selling out just to make a buck? 

Stephen Roblescreate