Why You Hate Group Projects


There's a reason why group projects in Middle School don't work. Instead of a group project, the exercise usually devolves into one person doing everything and having to share the credit. This happens because most kids don't want to do anything, and the one overachiever in the group can't stand to fail.

The problem is, some people never grow out of the not wanting to do anything stage. We've all been in meetings where ideas are flying around and when the time comes to land on actionable items, everyone just stares at each other. The same Middle School situation will re-emerge and one or two people take the load for the group. This is not sustainable.

When the organization is too large for one or two people to run, there must be a team of those over-achievers from Middle School. People that jump at the tasks assigned in a meeting; there should almost  be a fight for responsibility. The achiever will always loathe the group project when they're the only one working, and they will soon leave your organization in favor of one with people like them

Stephen Roblesachiever, group