Wins And Losses


At the end of the day, I have a tendency to categorize the past 18 hours as a win or a loss. Did I accomplish good things at work, did I solve problems creatively, was I a good husband and father? Or did I drop too many balls, overlook too many details, and ultimately lose the day?

To be honest, that's a pretty bad way to evaluate yourself. There may have been a huge win, but it's overshadowed by twice as many failures. There is still cause to celebrate the win; don't surrender that too easily.

But I challenge you to view even your losses as opportunities. At first I loathed the term "opportunity" when referring to a negative situation, but I'm coming to understand its value. Yes, you may be facing some serious challenges, but if you keep a long-term vision, there is an opportunity on the other side.

Next time you are facing a seemingly impossible situation, try to think like this: Five years from now, when I go to encourage a colleague, I will have a great story of triumph to share. Where even amidst a disheartening season, I found a solution, and the team was better for it. There was not a win nor a loss, but an opportunity for growth.

Stephen Robleslose, win