Word As Bond


In the time before mobile phones and texting, if you committed to meet someone at a coffee shop or restaurant, you were either on time or left the person wondering what happened to you. Several instances of showing up late to an agreed time and your reputation took a hit.  

Today, it has become acceptable to just "text that we're running late." It's as if "let's meet at 10am" really means, "let's meet around 10am and we'll text each other when we actually intend to be there." It may seem like semantics, a benign change to how we interact with each other, but it could also be a slippery slope. 

Less weight is put on our words, and with less weight comes less accountability. Then all of a sudden, we don't mean what we say. It becomes less of a problem to not show up after committing. There was a time when people held each other to their word, and that word didn't change from one minute to the next. 

Stephen Roblesword