You Are Not Your Idea


Human nature has made us very wary to share ideas. It's easier to share someone else's video or article rather than create our own. This is not because we don't have ideas of our own, but rather we fear owning them.

When you sit in a room among peers and superiors, there is a nagging thought that your idea is not really that good. And if you share too many mediocre ideas, your value as an employee drops. But the merit of your ideas, regardless how many seem trivial, does not dictate your value as a person.

So many ideas have never been voiced because we fear rejection or criticism. We must remember that our ideas are separate from our inherent value. Some ideas are good, others are bad, but those bad ideas may inspire someone else to have a better one. Do not squelch or stifle your team's creativity by attaching every bad idea to its thinker as some burden for life. 

Stephen Roblesidea