Your Life, On Display


Unless you have been living sans internet for the past ten years, there is context to your work history, and your life. When applying for a job, your name is all an employer needs to find every Instagram, Vine, and ridiculous tweet you've ever retweeted. 

That's not necessarily bad, a glimpse into your actual personality can be a positive thing. Your sense of humor, friendly get togethers, family, they all provide context for your skills and expertise. But they can also display a side of yourself you're not particularly proud of.

The point is not to pretend to be someone else. You cannot create an online façade and expect it to hold up working with a team every day. Be yourself, but the best version possible. Google yourself every once in a while, look at your life through the eyes of a stranger, and make sure you like what you see.

Stephen Roblescontext