Technology and Communication

Stephen Robles
Creative Director and Technology Maven Working in Tampa, FL

 Stephen Robles

At The Crossing Church I lead a team of talented individuals working in graphic design, video production, sound, lighting, marketing, social media, and web development.

I also work with businesses in the Central Florida area to improve their internal communication practices, project management strategies, and develop marketing campaigns.


Creative Work
Led the website design overhaul for Educational Opportunities, created many others, and I give talks on creativity and communication.

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Advanced experience in live streaming, project management software, social media tools, cloud services, and more.


Client Reviews

The coaching from Stephen was spot-on. I’d highly recommend any leader interested in team building to discuss consultation options.
— Mark Hulbert, President of Hulbert Homes

If you have an upcoming project or task and need advice, I'd love to help. Send me a message here:

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