A Most Difficult Year

Of all the mediums to carry thought and creativity, I still find the written word standing above the rest.

Even in digital form, there seems to be a permanence, the essence of a planted flag, when we write our thoughts for all to see.

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Stephen Robles
Using iOS 12 Parental Controls for iPhone and iPad

If you have children old enough to press the home button on your device, you’ve probably already had to deal with the idea of screen time. Growing up, screen time meant limiting AOL instant messenger, which only lived on the large Compaq Presario desktop near the kitchen.

Today, managing screen time with kids is…a little more challenging. Typically the average household probably has multiple devices, including the parent’s phones, iPads, an iPod Touch here and there, the uncle’s old iPhone, and increasingly, the child’s own device.

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For My Wife

There once was a boy, traveled far from his home,
his dreams of true love still young and yet bold.
A search far and wide, failed attempts, too much haste,
but soon she appeared, all beauty and grace.

Through pursuit and persuasion he won her attention,
months later made clear his eager pretension.
Let’s be together forever, like others before,
we’ve accomplished one year, how hard could be more?

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Why Every Business Needs To Think About Design

There’s a reason why you’re not using a Blackberry to check your email, or reading this post on your Palm Treo.

It’s the same reason why MySpace failed even though it was “first,” and why Google became a verb.

It’s why you won’t buy something from a shady looking website, and how you can tell a spam email from a real one.

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